Magical Comedy Entertainment for Las Vegas
A Guaranteed Good Time for Your Event!

It's all about the entertainment!

Perfect for

  • Banquets
  • Receptions
  • Corporate Meetings

Do you want to laugh?  Do you want to be amazed?  Do you want to forget about the day to day grind and headaches?  

MagicAL has one goal in mind when he steps on stage: Make everyone in the audience forget about their worries and cares and escape reality for a while. 

MagicAL's quick wit and instant likability combined with clever comedy and offbeat magic will leave everyone with an unforgettable experience. Regardless of the crowd size or age range, MagicAL leads the audience on a laugh-filled adventure where audience members quickly evolve from spectators to participants.  His wide appeal makes his show enjoyable for every imaginable audience.


  • The laughter caused by the MagicAL Comedy Magic Show is extremely dangerous and highly contagious
  • Once a lady fell off her chair and nearly crushed a young child, so seat belts may be required
  • The laughter can be so extreme at times that audience members may pass out, get dizzy, or bust a gut 
  • For those who are overweight, MagicAL is not responsible for lost buttons
  • Do NOT operate heavy equipment for at least 12 hours after seeing MagicAL's show
  • This show has NOT been approved by the FDA and is not recommended by your Doctor, after all...laughter is GREAT medicine and that would put him out of a job